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High Power and 3 Phase Inputs 1U Height

3200W AC/DC Front End

90-265VAC Input

Up to 94% Efficiency

3200W Single or Three Phase

180-528VAC Delta Input

Adjustable Output Voltage


3200W Three Phase

180-528VAC Input

93% Efficiency

CompactPCI Form Factor Single Output Available as AC/DC or DC/DC

150W 12V Single Output

Wide Temperature Range

Available with or without IEC Input



300W AC/DC 12V Single Output

Wide Temperature range


300W DC/DC 12V Single Output

Wide Temperature range

 High Power Density


1100W Slim Format

2"W X 1UH X 15" L


480W High Efficiency



100W Convection Cooled


Value Added Services Custom Capabilities

EMI - Our team of engineers will work with you on a system level to assist in taking your product successfully through EMI testing.

Special Harnessing Requirements - Let us modify or add cables to the power supply to eliminate costly manufacturing time at your facility.

Packaging - Need a special size or enclosure? We will work within your size restraints and/or provide a unit in the chassis you need.

Private Labeling - Let us design and manufacture power supplies for your customers

We are able to customize power supplies to your needs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Independently regulated outputs with no minimum load requirement
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Single and multiple outputs
  • Hot swap features
  • Synchronized rectification
  • Power factor corrected AC input
  • DC Input

Give us your requirements and our engineers will contact you with design suggestions.

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